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In our showroom at Ulica Grada Vukovara 52, we have gathered the most famous names in our assortment of hi-fi electronics, speakers, headphones, cables and accessories, whose reputation and tradition guarantee faithful reproduction. Music is an integral part of life. Emotional food without which life would be poor. Therefore, it is important that we experience it in the right way - the way the musician imagined it. For that, we need top-quality hi-fi and video equipment that will faithfully transmit sound and image into our home.

Come and see for yourself the quality of products from renowned manufacturers such as Yamaha, DALI, Sennheiser, Musical Fidelity, Van den Hul, QED, Goldring. Discover NEW COLORS OF SOUND with our professional and friendly staff who will help you to try and choose the system for stereo music or home theater that best suits your needs and taste in an acoustically treated listening room of about 20 square meters.


New Colors of Sound doo

Company headquarters and showroom: Ulica grada Vukovara 52
Place: 10000 Zagreb
Country: Croatia
IBAN: HR2323600001101837506
OIB/VAT: HR91788925910
Entered in the court register: Commercial Court in Zagreb.
Tomislav Kal Odak, director