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  • Whether the task is to fill a room with stereo music or a movie soundtrack, the new DALI SUB K-14 F will deliver it all! Built around a 14″ aluminum long throw woofer is a 500W Class D amplifier for the DALI SUB K-14 F that has the power and control for both impressive movies and wonderful music reproduction. Features SUB K-14 F.

    Keeping distortion to an absolute minimum
    The SUB K-14 F incorporates a large 14" woofer with a black aluminum diaphragm that is strong, lightweight and provides a higher transient response than you would expect from a subwoofer in this category. The ability to start and stop quickly is at the heart of our speaker design philosophy and enables the SUB K -14 F easy integration with front speakers of any size, from bookcases to floor stands Also, the SUB K-14 F cone construction avoids the need for a dust cover, which ensures piston-like movement and reduces distortion to an absolute minimum.

    The stamina to keep pushing and the headroom to pull out that little extra
    Providing enough power to move a big woofer, the 450W RMS Class D integrated amplifier has the stamina to keep pushing and the headroom to pull out that little extra when needed. Engineered for long-lasting performance, the amplifier is powered by a switch-mode power supply (SWPS) that helps keep the module at a low operating temperature and avoids the need for an external heatsink. You can read more about this in the SUB K-14 F document available in the download section below.

    Increase output and bass distribution throughout the room
    Subwoofer placement is a big part of creating perfect audio reproduction. To maximize output and bass distribution throughout the room, we recommend placing the SUB K-14 F in a corner or, if that's not possible, against a wall. The relatively compact size of the subwoofer makes it much easier to set up properly than many larger subwoofers. For best results, we recommend pairing the SUB K-14 F with speakers from the RUBICON (C), OPTICON MK2 and OBERON (C) series.

    Frequency response (+/-3 dB) [Hz]: 29 - 160
    Maximum SPL [dB]: 115
    Crossover frequency [Hz]: 40 - 120
    Dimensions (HxWxD) [mm]: 429 x 396 x 428
    Weight [kg]: 26.4
    14" aluminum long throw woofer
    500 W class D amplifier
    Solid aluminum base
    White or black cabinet
    High gloss white or black front bumper

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