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The MX-VYNL is a fully balanced, very high performance phono stage, with the ability to work with almost any moving coil or driving magnet cartridge. With both traditional RCA inputs and a unique XLR fully balanced connection, the MX-VYNL can be connected to 2 turntables simultaneously. The MX-VYNL offers a wide range of input impedance settings for moving spiral bullets, as well as several capacitance settings for moving magnetic units. Unlike many of our competitors, the MX-VYNL unit allows you to easily adjust these settings in-game. This allows for easy experimentation and tuning to find the optimal setting for all your equipment. MX-VYNL also includes our famous RIAA correction which offers extremely accurate results above 80kHz. This may sound extreme, but there is a good chunk of information above 20kHz that needs to be corrected. If not corrected, it will turn out to be ringing and error.
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